Why You Need CGI in Real Estate More Than Ever

Real Estate is all about the look. Without a promising visual, you are unable to sell any house. When the market is getting more and more demand, it’s necessary for photographers to bring out excellent output in the shortest time, and of course, with affordable prices.

But how can we do that? In this article, we will explain why CGI rendering is important, and further more, is changing the face of Real Estate Photography forever.


First of all, what really is CGI?

If you are unfamiliar with this term, then here is for you: CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) is the creation of still or animated visual content with imaging software. In Real Estate, CGI helps photographers, architectural designer and even realtors produce illustrations of rooms, houses and buildings. Its stunning visual quickly attracts clients and gives them the opportunity to visualize living in a particular home.

House with pool photography
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It takes minutes or days to generate a CGI output, depends on specification and the volume of work. Professional, adaptable and inexpensive, CGI is now considered the future of Real Estate Photography – based on many advantages it brings to the realtors and their clients.


It is Budget-Friendly and Time Efficient

Remember the time when you have to set up real furniture to make the house look more appealing? Well that time has passed. Now, with the help of CGI, you can create the image of an ideal house/building and send it to your clients even if it’s not completed yet.

Crowded scene
Aaron Paul | Unsplash

Obviously, CGI is time saving: Instead of wasting weeks for house renovating (or even years for constructing), it only takes a couple of days to get your promotion pictures ready. Not only that, CGI can also save you a lot of money which caused by travelling, fixing, renting, installing, decorating, etc. (and no more hiring people for crowd walking scene!).


Adaptable and flexible

With the help of technology, Home Staging is now taking a step further: everything is a lot more controllable. Whether it’s the color theme, style or position, CGI can arrange smallest detail  in the picture and so, easily adaptable to your client’s personal taste.

Clean modern kitchen
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Not only that, with unfinished construction CGI helps potential client visualize their house in the most convenient way possible so they can easily making feedback and comment to arrange their properties before designers/contractors get their actual hands on it!


Game changer: Power Up Your Visual

Compared to normal photo, generated 3D output can be used for all sorts of promotion, and suitable with all kind of platforms such as websites, emails, and flyers. In the modern world where everything is involved with digital, CGI proved us how convenient it can be.

White clean decoration
Hutomo Abrianto | Unsplash

Additionally, CGI helps photographers/designers compliment strong points of the properties, while hiding unnecessary details. It brings you a clean, professional and eye-catching illustration. It reduces the workload you need to take, and – what is better – directly makes your house sell faster.


What does CGI requires?

  • Photographs, documents on site design and building. They can be photos, floorplan, siteplan – soft files such as AutoCad.
  • Snapshots of the building location or terrain photographs for background
  • Samples for scenery photo, design photo templates can be used for reference
  • Desired camera position is shown on the design drawing
  • Interior and exterior furniture reference for the design (design by demand is available)
  • Information on materials, photos of floor material, glass, wood, paint, etc.

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Take a look at some of our works below:


CGI Living room sample Revina

CGI Kitchen Sample Revina

CGI Living Room Sample Revina

CGI Decoration Sample Revina


CGI Exterior Sample Revina 01

CGI Exterior Sample Revina

CGI Building Sample Revina

CGI Building Sample Revina

Written by Alexis Tran

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