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Giang Ma: “Revina gave me more than just work experiences”

Since February 2019, Giang (21) has been part of the Revina Photo Editing team. He was born and raised in the mountainous region of Northern Vietnam, known for its secluded villages, where he belongs to an ethnic minority, called the Tày. Due to

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Tutorial #2: Editing Flash Exposures

One of the most common problems that every photographer encounters in their shots is how to edit photos with flash elements. Within this video, you will get to know the way our professional Photo Editing team deal with the first type of flash images: Capturing details and colors

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Marketing Guide for every Photography Business

An effective Marketing guide is always required, if you want to your business to be successful. So what are the differences between a typical business’s Marketing strategy and a photography business’s? How can Digital Marketing go from brand maintaining to WOW moments in business development? Let’s find out below.

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