RevinaShare #2: Home Prices On The Rise

People might scare of Halloween – thanks to witches and spiders – but as the day went on, this event turned out to get much more exciting. And you know what? The Real Estate market is just as well as amazing. When home prices in the U.S. started to rise up, we all know, that Christmas is nearly coming. 

Hamptons Home Prices On The Rise Again After Two Years Of Declines

During the third quarter last year, the median price of a home on the eastern tip of New York’s Long Island experienced a slight rise of 5% to $857,000. It struggled with the debilitated demand arisen from the revamped federal tax code and local property taxes. However, some of the impact was somewhat offset by low mortgage rates helping the lower end of the market.

On the other hand, the number of Hamptons sales dropped 15% to the lowest third-quarter level throughout 8 years. As well as that, an 11% decrease in median prices also stroke the Hamptons’ luxury segment.


RevinaShare Home Prices Hampton

The listing discount went up from 13% in the year-earlier quarter to 17% in the luxury segment. Likewise, the overall market’s listing discount saw a modest growth of 1% (from 11% to 12%). The growth pattern carried on regarding the inventory of homes for sale the entire market with a 77% increase and luxury end in particular with a 143% rise.

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In a Co-Everything World, Standards Become King

With the increasing predominance of millennial generation in population cohort, they are making shifts in virtually any facet of the society – driving the transition of rental market with the idea of co-living. The epitome of this shift is Quarters – a poplular co-living company which provides residents the option to obtain fully furnished housing with all utilities and all furnishing included.


RevinaShare Home Prices Co Working

Leopold reckons drive for co-everything originated from the rise in co-working. Shared spaces allow people to experience all amenities afforded, so that they want to implement the progress in their individual spaces. But like any design, smart implementations must be proceeded with precautions.

Finally, she concludes co-everything is taking design trends access the board by storm. The willingness to pull all resources in a shared environment guarantees the best result for the end user, at the same time respecting the needs of the traditional contract furniture manufacturing lines.

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U.S. Home Prices Jump In 95% Of Cities, Reaching Records High


RevinaShare Home Prices US Report

Median home prices have made a new high record when jumped 2.9% over the third quarter of 2019 and 8.2% since last year.

On a monthly basis, according to the U.S. Federal Housing Finance Agency’s House Price Index, prices rose up 4,6% from August 2018 to August 2019. Census’ Mountain division witnessed the highest home price rise. In general, home prices are on the rise in 95% of the U.S. market with the sole exception of a drop in price in major metros including Kansas City, Missouri (down 9.4%); San Jose, California (-3.3%); and Hartford, Conn. (-0.3%).

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