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Staging vs. CGI | A Comparison Infographic

In this article, let's take a quick look at the differences between Traditional Home Staging, Virtual Staging and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). All in one single picture!   Want to put it in your pocket? Download the full-resolution version of this infographic

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A Rosy Touch: Why I chose Real Estate (and Revina)

In this second social story, we had a chance to sit down with Rosa - the brand new face of our Customer Service Operation. Why would a feminine girl like Rosa chose to work in such a tough industry like Real Estate? Read this interview to get to

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Benefits of having Real Estate Video in your listing

There is no denying that video is one of the most powerful tools in the digital world. Ideal engagement rates or potential ROI ratio is the true proof for this assert. In this article, let’s discover all of the amazing advantages that videos can bring to the Real Estate industry.

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The Importance of Videography in Real Estate | An Infographic

Free download of our infography, in full resolution here. Want more information? Check out our Video Post-Production service here.

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Why You Need CGI in Real Estate More Than Ever

Real Estate is all about the look. Without a promising visual, you are unable to sell any house. When the market is getting more and more demand, it’s necessary for photographers to bring out excellent output in the shortest time, and of course, with affordable prices. But how can

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Marketing Guide for every Photography Business

An effective Marketing guide is always required, if you want to your business to be successful. So what are the differences between a typical business’s Marketing strategy and a photography business’s? How can Digital Marketing go from brand maintaining to WOW moments in business development? Let’s find out below.

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High and Higher: A Revina Social Story

For the first time, Revina Prism focuses on Bao - one of the most emergent staffs in the company. He is funny, quirky, and different - in a good way. Chatting with Bao help us realize that once you have trust, there is no mountain that you can’t achieve.

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Revina tìm kiếm thực tập sinh vị trí hành chính – nhân sự

Công ty CP Công Nghệ Revina - Là công ty chuyên về phát triển IT, thiết kế đồ họa 2D, 3D, Chỉnh sửa ảnh, làm video cho các khách hàng nước ngoài. Là một công ty startup, chúng tôi đang có nhu cầu mở rộng mạng lưới hoạt động

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Revina tìm kiếm nhân sự chỉnh sửa hậu kỳ video editor (SL: 01)

Công ty CP Công Nghệ Revina - Là công ty chuyên về phát triển IT, thiết kế đồ họa 2D, 3D, Chỉnh sửa ảnh, làm video cho các khách hàng nước ngoài. Hiện nay, Lĩnh vực thiết kế đồ họa, lập trình máy vi tính ngày càng trở nên

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Revina.CO tìm kiếm vị trí nhân sự 2D Photo Editor

Dựa theo nhu cầu phát triển, Công ty Cổ phần Công nghệ Revina có nhu cầu tuyển dụng vị trí Chuyên viên chỉnh sửa ảnh 2D (2D Photo Editor). MÔ TẢ CÔNG VIỆC - Thực hiện công việc chỉnh sửa ảnh BẤT ĐỘNG SẢN trên các

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