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Tutorial #3: Replacing Grass and Sky

Every now and then, many real estate owners fail to impress their clients due to unattractive property photos with dull sky or dead grass. Within this video, we will take you through basic steps in the process of photo retouching on how to replace sky and grass to make your

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RevinaShare #4: Plan for Further Success with Real Estate 2020 Predictions

As 2019 is officially going to call time on this decade, it’s time to sit back and reflect on your areas of triumphs, growths and setbacks. By doing so, you’re setting up for more glorious success. One sure way to kick off is to review the predicted trends for upcoming

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How WeWork Co-working Spaces Are Harnessing The Power of 3D Visualization

Co-working space, WeWork, is one of the most well known commercial real estate entities in the industry. Leasing shared office space to thousands of small to medium businesses, at its inception it took the office rental market by storm and 3D visualization has been key to that success.

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Giang Ma: “Revina gave me more than just work experiences”

Since February 2019, Giang (21) has been part of the Revina Photo Editing team. He was born and raised in the mountainous region of Northern Vietnam, known for its secluded villages, where he belongs to an ethnic minority, called the Tày. Due to

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It is pretty clear that photography has never played a more fundamental role in selling properties than it does lately. The market is heating up and the increasing demands for real estate always go hand in hand with the demand for photography. Important as it might sound, the trends for

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Ánh Nguyệt và hành trình tỏa sáng trong lĩnh vực IT

Lăng kính Revina đã trở lại với một cuộc phỏng vấn thú vị cùng Nguyệt Trần, quản lý bộ phận sản xuất khối 3D. Nhưng điều thú vị nằm ở chỗ, chính ê-kip phóng viên của Đài Truyền hình Việt Nam (VTV) đã giúp chúng tôi có được cuộc trò

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RevinaShare #2: Home Prices On The Rise

People might scare of Halloween - thanks to witches and spiders - but as the day went on, this event turned out to get much more exciting. And you know what? The Real Estate market is just as well as amazing. When home prices in the U.S. started to rise

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Tutorial #2: Editing Flash Exposures

One of the most common problems that every photographer encounters in their shots is how to edit photos with flash elements. Within this video, you will get to know the way our professional Photo Editing team deal with the first type of flash images: Capturing details and colors

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RevinaShare #1: Real Estate On The Go

The global Real Estate market has been undergoing tremendous turmoils recently, so grab your drink and keep abreast of some major breakdowns with RevinaShare.   Housing Inventory in U.S’s Fall to New Lows It is reportedly indicated that inventory grew year-over-year in each month between

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Nguyệt Trần: Shining bright in the world of IT

Having had an intimate interview with the National Vietnamese Television (VTV), Nguyet has unfolded some concise yet profound revelations about the social enterprise Revina - which mission is to open up career opportunities for the youth, particularly the disadvantaged ones.   Ánh Nguyệt Trần,

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