[Recap] Exposure and the 1-year journey of Revina

On July 6, 2019, Revina graciously hosted Exposure – Imperfect Images, an event celebrating the company’s first anniversary. This event is also a milestone, marking Revina’s new development as a young Vietnamese social enterprise in technology.

Taking place in an intimate and warm atmosphere at the new headquarters of the company (Thanh Xuan Dis., Hanoi), the celebration was attended by representatives from REACH – Revina foundation and sponsoring organization; international volunteers from Projects Abroad; dear friends and supporters; and last but not least, the whole staff of Revina.

Exposure và hành trình 1 năm thành lập Revina
The celebration has the participation of Vietnamese and international friends and supporters | Photo: Revina.CO


At the event, all guests and attendees together looked back on the 1-year journey, with many highs and lows, and continuous improvement and development of Revina. From a fledgling social enterprise with only three members, up to now, Revina family has had 26 full-time staff and 10 trainees.

Along with the growth of the team, our Photo Editing, Video Editing, and 3D Rendering are also improved, increasingly in terms of technical quality and customer care aspects. The customer network is also expanded in number and scope, stretching from the US to Australia and throughout Europe.

As the person who takes the first step of Revina, CEO Nguyen Le-Hai (Henry) could not hide his emotions while speaking at the celebration. “We could not be prouder. It’s been a long journey but the results speak for themselves. We have over 25 full-time staff, 14 of which have come through REACH’s training program. It really feels amazing to have reached the one year mark.”

Henry – Revina CEO speaking about the journey over the last 1 year | Photo: Revina.CO


During the event, he also sends regards to REACH center, volunteers and supporters for always standing side by side with Revina from the early days. He also declared that Revina has been and will always be consistent with the goal of a social enterprise, which is to bring positive values ​​to the community.

Sharing with the company’s achievements, Ms. Tam Pham Thi Thanh  – CEO of REACH was equally impressed: “Social enterprises are incredibly important to our future ambitions. As we strive toward sustainable development, social enterprises form an ever more important part of that goal. Revina has crossed the one year mark and continuing to go from strength to strength, shows that we’re on the right track.”

“Social enterprises are the wave of the future for NGOs in Vietnam and we intend to ride that wave,” she said. 

Ms. Tam Pham received surprise birthday greetings from Revina! | Photo: Revina.CO


Taking Exposure – Imperfect images as the concept, the event also plays as an appreciation party for staff who has always supported Revina during the past time. Individuals with excellent dedication are honored and encouraged by the company’s leadership team.

Exposure và hành trình 1 năm thành lập Revina
Mrs. Daisy (Yen Do) was honored with the award of “Dedicated Staff of the Year” | Photo: Revina.CO


Exposure và hành trình 1 năm thành lập Revina
Giang Ma was awarded as “High Potential Staff” | Photo: Revina.CO


Sharing the reasons for choosing this theme, Ms. Van Anh Tran (Alexis) – Marketing staff said: “For a social enterprise aiming to create career opportunities for Vietnamese disadvantaged youth, we always head towards an equal workplace, which respects the differences in each member’s race, personality or background.

Like imperfect exposures with varying brightness in photography, each Revina’s member has his/her own individual characteristics. But together, we are a united family, always willing to support each other, to embrace the flaw and conquer the new journeys ahead. That is our aspiration.”

Follow the stories of Revina, the party did not lack any laughter with funny games and songs – performed by each department of the company. Thereby, the guests were able to understand more about the task of each team and Revina’s services. 

Exposure và hành trình 1 năm thành lập Revina
The moments of laughter … | Photo: Revina.CO


Exposure và hành trình 1 năm thành lập Revina
… brought a lot of fun to the guests | Photo: Revina.CO


Revina’s 1st year anniversary ends well in the joys and excitement of all guests and members. Hope this will be a beautiful memory, and also a motivation for all of us to face a new adventure ahead. 

Are you ready for the second year of Revina?


More ‘Imperfect Images’ taken at the event:

Teacher and student from REACH taking photo
Selena, our Production Manager with Mr. Dung Doan – REACH’s Vice Excutive Director. Selena is also a REACH Alumni | Photo: Revina.CO
Putting make up behind the scene shot of the party
An exclusive behind-the-scene shot! | Photo: Revina.CO
Staff taking selfie at Revina birthday party
One last selfie before going on stage | Photo: Revina.CO
Hosts of the event coming up on stage
It’s SHOW TIME! | Photo: Revina.CO
Revina staff singing at the birthday event
Some serious talents had their time to shine | Photo: Revina.CO
Revina staff singing in crowd cheer
At Revina birthday party, we expect the unexpected | Photo: Revina.CO
Especially when the fashion show went on… | Photo: Revina.CO
The 3D Production team showed off their costumes with the Eco-friendly concept | Photo: Revina.CO
The 2D Production Team went chic with the kitchen foil fabric | Photo: Revina.CO
Guest is cheering at the event
Ms. Hang, REACH’s Northern Region was excited with the show | Photo: Revina.CO
Revina consultant and CEO listening to the speech
Bác Bob – Revina Consultant sitting next to CEO Henry Le | Photo: Revina.CO
Guest taking photos
Revina Staff taken photos with Mark – REACH’s Communication Officer, Anh from REACH Fundraising department and Riyaad – Representative from Projects Abroad | Photo: Revina.CO
The 2D Production Team | Photo: Revina.CO
Great moments of the staff had been shared | Photo: Revina.CO
Phuong – Revina’s HR Staff and Selena taken photo with the trainees | Photo: Revina.CO
Sweet party came afterward | Photo: Revina.CO
Thank you for joining us!

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