Why Outsourcing Your Photos Is Not A Sin

Outsourcing is no longer a strange term, especially in the Real Estate Industry – where time is (literally) gold. Nowadays, millions of photographers from all around the world are sending their photography work daily to other companies for the post-production process. It is easy, it is efficient, it is convenient. So what is the reason that make you still hesitate to use outsourcing Real Estate photo editing services?

Even though outsourcing Real Estate photo editing services are blooming and becoming increasingly competitive in the Real Estate Industry, many photographers are still skeptical about their true effectiveness. To be honest, this kind of thought is understandable, because giving one (or more) people the authority to handle more than 50% of your work seems like a… pretty scary thing.

Are you ready to outsource your work? | Nathan Dumlao (Unsplash)

You are concerned that someone else’s product will not be as good as you expected, worry about your budget, brand reputation, customers and billions of other things. You have more and more doubts, and in the end, you – a professional photographer – will end up spending more than 10 hours in front of a computer screen to process hundreds of photos every day.

And it is bad.

In fact, outsourcing is typical, if not to say, an indispensable part of this industry. You don’t need to feel afraid or guilty if you use third-party services. The principal problem is not about using it, but how to use it effectively. It requires you to have a clear understanding of what you require, and most importantly, a belief in your outsourcing partner.


Here are some outstanding advantages of Outsourcing Real Estate Photo Editing services which you should consider:


This is the main reason why outsourcing services were created. When time is limited and the number of orders is increasing daily, many photographers have come up with a solution: to associate with a 3rd Party Provider.

These companies are operated professionally, most of them are large-scale, with many experts in handling Real Estate photos. Outsourcing companies are the main unit processing the entire post-production phase: from selecting and editing photos, sending finished orders, even uploading and sending directly to your customers under your brand name. So instead of striving to do everything yourself, post-production processes are now left to specialized departments of the outsourcing companies.

Outsourcing services can be powerful | Nathan Dumlao (Unsplash)

With a turnaround time of 12 hours only, you can assure that all the work you entrust will be completed neatly when you open the mailbox every morning. The only thing you need to do left is to go to the next property, pick up your camera and shoot.

Reasonable Pricing – Huge Profit

Contrary to many people’s worries that Outsourcing Real Estate photo editing services are too expensive, you can actually create economy by using it wisely. Yes, these services are not free, but they are also not pricey. In fact, the outsourcing market is very competitive and most of the companies in this field are based in developing countries, so customers will receive a lot of choices.

The outsourcing market is very competitive | Venveo (Unsplash)

With a small investment in outsourcing services, you can earn huge benefits: Take more orders, have time to rest (important) and find more inspiration for creativity (extremely important!). More orders mean more value added to your portfolio, more experience learned and larger income.

In addition, you will also have your own time and space for planning business development, improving expertise and expanding your network. Remember that you are not a blue-collar worker, you are a professional photographer and you need to develop your career wisely. Editing photos is not necessarily yours, we should be the ones who do it.

Customer Support

As mentioned above, once you have cooperated with a 3rd party provider, you will no longer work alone Every man is a piece of the continent. At Revina, every stage of the work process will be supervised and kept track by our Quality Control (QC) and Customer Success executives (CS).

Specialists like QC will be in charged of guaranteeing the qualities | Jose Aljovin (Unsplash)

Through communicating with our Customer Success Department you are able to build standards and procedures required in your photos that our team can follow. QC will be the one who has the responsibility for ensuring the quality for you. If the outputs are imperfect, please be assured that we will process any feedback of yours. Those images will be fixed immediately and returned to you only 2 hours later.

Nowadays, many professional photographers also work as CEOs of small and medium photography businesses, are using a full package of outsourcing services to streamline their company system. Not only in Photo Editing, but also in Marketing, Website Developing and Customer Care. You can completely outsource your processes to have high-standard results, saving costs compared to recruiting new staff and training them from A to Z.

It is much more easier handling your work to a professional than a trainee | Headway (Unsplash)


So what do you need to do to make outsourcing Real Estate photo editing services reach maximum efficiency?


Be clear with your demand

The prerequisite for effective work is that you must acknowledge and understand your demands. Before the process begins, you need to specify regular/standard requirements you need in all of your photos. It could be warm lighting, virtual twilight, cloudy skies, or decluttering any junk, or even some special standards that your customers required.

Real Estate Photo Editing Outsourcing Service | Revina.CO 06
Your demands need to be clear and precise | Revina.CO

Setting clear standards through contracts/SLAs will help the work process go smoothly and minimize any incidents or problems that may arise for both parties. In addition, you can achieve a much better price than the fees you pay for Variations – demands arising after contract. For better understanding, you can refer to assorted packages in outsourcing Real Estate photo editing services here

Choose the right partner

Aesop said: In union there is strength – but this happens only when you are working with the right partner. Choosing an appropriate partner for you and your business requires you to consider many different factors. Here are a few key points you should think about:

  • Professional Experience

Practical experience speaks quality as well as the reputation of any company. When considering an outsourcing service, you need to be aware of which markets they have worked in. Answer these questions: Does that outsourcing service specialized in Real Estate Photo Editing? Can they handle complex products like Panoramas, Virtual Staging or Video Editing? How is the quality of those services? Compare them with the standards you want to achieve and make a decision.

A picture is worth a thousand words | Kevin Bhagat (Unsplash)
  • Communication

Contrary to beliefs, communication is the most important factors you should be aware of. And communicating ineffectively can happen in even big companies.

Communicating is the only way to make things work | Dylan Gillis (Unsplash)

Make sure you don’t encounter any language barriers with your partner and receive their replies quickly through a convenient channel. Let’s take time to get to know each other and be friends, instead of just being partners-on-paper. Understanding will bring long-lasting, efficient results.

And at Revina, we are proud to have one of the best customer service team in the market.  Here we focus on WOW elements: Quick response time and our ability to communicate friendly English. Join us on board, and our team will always be ready to solve any of your challenges and problems.

  • Pricing

Our sincere advice: Pricing is important, but you should not consider it the most important factor. Instead of choosing the one who offers the cheapest price, choose a company that suits your need for quality, speed and your budget. As they say, you can only choose two over three factors, and Good and Fast service won’t be cheap.

Good and Fast service won’t be cheap | Chris Knight (Unsplash)
  • Scale & Credit

When it comes to appraising a company, answer the following questions:

Number of staff they have in the company.

Scale of each department.

Number of customers they are working with and how many of them are still using the service?

Average capacity they can handle for a day? How many photos do you need to be processed daily?

You can get all of this information in many ways. Accessing the company website, visiting their social media channels or asking for assessment from industry experts. You can also find great and reliable recommendation like the Photography For Real Estate forum, which has thousands of active members daily.


Final Thoughts

Outsourcing Real Estate photo editing services can bring huge advantages. It helps you expand your business and get you on top of the competition in the Real Estate Industry. In the end, this is the financial asset that a photographer like you would eventually need. Not a long-term subscription to Adobe Photoshop.

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