Nguyệt Trần: Shining bright in the world of IT

Having had an intimate interview with the National Vietnamese Television (VTV), Nguyet has unfolded some concise yet profound revelations about the social enterprise Revina – which mission is to open up career opportunities for the youth, particularly the disadvantaged ones.


Ánh Nguyệt Trần, whose name means ‘Moonlight’ in Vietnamese, has been working as a Revina Production Manager since December 2018.

If you ever had a chance to meet this compassionate lady, you may be surprised to know that she has gone through a long way of constantly growing and experiencing, to be able to work in such position today.

Nguyet Tran at Revina - a social enterprise of REACH

Before joined Revina, Nguyet started her career in Graphic and IT by becoming a 3D modeling student at REACH center. REACH is a Vietnam-based non-profit working to overcome unemployment rates by delivering tailored vocational training to disadvantaged youth. After the course finished, the sharp-witted and confident Nguyet Tran was quickly recruited as the new 3D modeling teacher.

Spending roughly 5 years working at REACH has given Nguyet the chance to learn more about the impacts of her organization. Not only she was able to provide essential professional skills for her students, but she has also become a compassionate supporter for hundreds of disadvantaged students all over the Northern region. From daily things like finding a place to live, to more serious problem as mental health, Nguyet and her students have altogether gone through such problems.


Nguyet Tran at Revina - a social enterprise of REACH

Things went by until the summer of 2018, Nguyet soon heard of Revina’s foundation by REACH and the start-up’s search for skilled and qualified employees. Specifically, the young company was looking for a production manager.

Being nervous at first, she was convinced by her colleagues at REACH to join Revina and was strongly drawn to the social enterprise. Working in a dynamic environment and cooperating with international clients were definitely challenging at first, but for a strong-willed person like Nguyet, she believed that nothing is impossible.


Nguyet Tran at Revina - a social enterprise of REACH

Supporting her in the new start-up are many REACH graduates, including some of her students such as Giang Ma, who got the chance to acquire valuable work experience and start a promising career. The job at Revina allows her to move on from being a teacher while still continuing to make an impact for the Vietnamese youth, especially as 50% of Revina’s profits will go back to REACH.

After one year of operation, her hard work has been paid-off. The company expanded from 6 to nearly 40 staff (Oct 2019) and has cooperated with hundreds of clients from all over the world. As a social enterprise, Revina has well balanced between its positive missions, and the task of maintaining a stable financial condition of a business.


Nguyet Tran at Revina - a social enterprise of REACH

As a former teacher caring about the well-being of her students, she now ensures as a manager that employees have the work-life balance they deserve.

At Revina, everyone is encouraged to have a personal life and is further guaranteed fair, clear and transparent working conditions, which encompasses a decent salary. Besides, Revina’s culture of respect and empowerment represents the ideal environment for REACH students, who often struggle with gaining confidence, to develop on a professional and a personal level.


Nguyet Tran at Revina - a social enterprise of REACH

While she has successfully taught many young people the technical and practical side of graphic design, she wishes to devote more time to the development of her employees’ ‘soft skills’, which are key to a fruitful career development. It’s hard to deny that Nguyet has become an inspiration for all Revina staff, in making this social enterprise an efficient business, and a home for everyone.


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Story by: Chloe Giampellegrini
Edited by: Hoan Nguyen & Alexis Tran

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