Mai at Revina: Accounting With A Sincere Heart

What does it feel like to be the only accountant in a technology enterprise? Get to know Mai to see her own perspectives and find out why, this dynamic lady can turn Revina into a real family for all of us.


The Odd One Out

Great to finally have you in the conversation, Mai! Firstly, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi guys! My name is Ngoc Mai and I am 28 years old. Currently my role is being the accountant and also the administrator at Revina.CO – a social enterprise in Vietnam. We are a young tech startup that provides Graphic outsourcing solutions for people in the Real Estate Industry.

Ngoc Mai at Revina: Accounting with a sincere heart
Mai is the accountant and HR staff at Revina | Source: Revina.CO

I am usually being told as an easy-going, friendly optimist who love to smile and support people. Doesn’t sound like a typical accountant, right? (laugh)

An accountant working in a technology startup… What brings this interesting contrary?

Guess what? At first the main reason I chose to apply in Revina was…. It is near to my house! (laugh)

But after the interview, I was deeply inspired by the CEO – Henry’s words about the visual and mission of Revina.CO.

There aren’t many tech companies willing to give out career opportunities to Vietnamese disadvantaged young people like Revina. And I want to be a part of that journey, to turn this place into an equal, ideal workplace for everyone – like Henry used to said: “Revina may not be where you start, but it will be where you at when the journey ends.”

Ngoc Mai at Revina: Accounting with a sincere heart
We want Revina to be the final milestone for all of us | Source: Revina.CO

Why did you choose to be an accountant? Are there any time that your buoyant personality causing conflict in your job?

Now that I think about it… I am not sure what is exactly the reason that bring me to this career (laugh). It is just looking at excel sheets, and transforming numbers with these magic formulas captivates me.

Unlike people’s prejudge, to me being an accountant is not boring at all. I can watch the fluctuation of the cash flow, and according to that, put out practical advice to improve our business. Isn’t that exciting?


Challenges of Being Versatile

What is your impression of Revina’s partners and clients?

There is one special thing at Revina that I have never met before, is that our clients come from all over the world. With huge advantages of the Internet, now I believe there is absolutely no barrier in this industry.

At Revina.CO, clients are not… just clients. They don’t simply use our services. They are our truly friends and companions, always willing to share their experience and skills to help us better. Vice versa, we also do our best to communicate with our clients and partners, to understand their problem and concern. So from that, we can provide them better outsourcing services.

I will reveal you a secret… My English skills have improved a lot since the day I started to work here, thanks to our dear friends and partners! 🙂

Ngoc Mai at Revina: Accounting with a sincere heart
A snapshot of Mai and Jason – our dear friend and partner in his trip to Vietnam this May | Source: Revina.CO

Beside your accounting work, you are also the leader in most team building and extracurricular events of Revina. Can you reveal the secret for harmonizing different types of personality, especially in a special working environment like social enterprise?

Working in a social enterprise is challenging, since I have never experienced it before. But if you think positively, it is a great chance to improve yourself, in personal side as well as career skills.

Being an accountant of a social enterprise requires you to work with a lot of different papers and procedure. You cannot handle them well if you do not pay attention to your work.

But beside the job, I am still who I am. Always smiling, always be ready for anything and to support anyone – like all other HR staff. Personally, I strive to do my best in creating an open, fun and ideal workplace. To inspire that attitude and perspective to everybody is my goal.

Ngoc Mai at Revina: Accounting with a sincere heart
She wants to inspire the enthusiasm to everyone | Source: Revina.CO

And secret? Well, I don’t have any secret or trick here. Working with enthusiasm and a sincere heart is already enough (laugh).


Enjoy The Moment

What is your most remarkable memory with Revina?

It is hard to call out just one… (thinking) That would be our 2 days trip to Soc Son, unforgettable. Can you imagine that we still had to work while we were in a camping trip? And organize everything by our own, from preparing supply to writing the script for our team building games?

Although the trip was very modest, but I believe it accomplish our goal: to bring everyone stick together as a family. And we can see that zeal and enthusiasm are always running in their young hearts.

Ngoc Mai at Revina: Accounting with a sincere heart
The trip will be our unfogettable moment | Source: Revina.CO

There are a lot of memories I wanted to tell you… Maybe next conversation, okay? (laugh)

Definitely! How about your personal life? What do you usually do to keep that dynamic, vibrant spirit?

After work, I return to my small family, of course. I am living with my husband and a 4 years old son and they always bring happiness to our cozy home. Just for you know, all three of us are very talkative. Sometimes it feels like we are having three humorists in our house! We always cut each other’s words – so hilarious!

Our favorite moment is sitting on a motorbike and wandering through the crowded streets of Hanoi for no purpose. We barely chat at that times – just enjoying the moment is more than enough. My essential task is to read bedtime stories for our baby, every night.

Seems like you already have the best way to seize the day. Can you share to us some of your plan for the near future?

Continue to do what I always love to do. Be an active staff of Revina, a pious daughter, a caring and dedicated wife in the family 🙂

Thank you for an amazing story, Mai. We wish you will be more success in the upcoming future, and will always be happy with what you have got.

Ngoc Mai at Revina: Accounting with a sincere heart
Mai enjoy the moment with the co-workers at Revina | Source: Revina.CO

Quick Q&As

1/ Tour or solo travel?
Solo, definitely.

2/ Emotional or Reasoned?

3/ To cook, or to be cooked for?
Both 🙂

4/ You are a … woman.

5/ What do you like most about yourself?

6/ Treasure quote?
“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford


Alexis Tran


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