Marketing Guide for every Photography Business

An effective Marketing guide is always required, if you want to your business to be successful. So what are the differences between a typical business’s Marketing strategy and a photography business’s? How can Digital Marketing go from brand maintaining to WOW moments in business development? Let’s find out below.


1. Freaky Friday: Understanding your client!

Understanding client is the fundamental principle in Marketing, and despite everyone knows it, it is still the toughest task to do. To get it, you have to spend time to get to know your client. A touching base phone call, a short coffee meeting, or a quick survey through emails – it’s all up to your choice.

Marketing group chatting
Understanding your client is the most fundamental principle of Marketing | Unsplash

Remember, your client’s request never stops at adjusting exposure or enhancing the colors. It is a mindset that has close bound to your client, psychologically and personally, and the market’s needs also. It’s like that quirky Freaky Friday movie: Put yourself in their positions and answer the questions. Why would they want it? What do they want? Who actually are they? Why did they choose to cooperate with you? What are their expectations and needs? What are their pain points and can you help your client resolve them?

Once you have an answer for each of these pieces, pick up the puzzles and build a true “Persona”. Your Persona will be the goal, and also a great metric for all upcoming decisions, if you want to do marketing effectively.


2. Visual is (almost) everything

Imagery is the quickest way to capture readers’ attention, and also one of the most effective types of content – this is a fact, not a myth[1]. And what’s better than that when you already have a photography business?

Embrace your strong point and let your own products make you stand out in a mountain of information – that your clients have to get through every-single-day. Panorama? Check. 360 degrees? Check. Drone? Check, check! As you may have heard: A picture is worth a thousand words, your products secretly whisper in your clients’ minds, about how sophisticated you are to add that tiny detail, or how impressive but consistent style in photography that you have. Don’t forget to build a stunning website also, in the digital world, it works like a portfolio for every photography business.

Marketing website effective
Embrace your strong point by creating stunning visual | Unsplash

But everything has its limit. You should not rely too much on your pictures and forget everything else. To have a spot in Marketing is mean to have a message. A voice. It is like how you make your photo from a good one to an outstanding one: You have to put a soul to it. From a daily status to a long form article, from a 30 seconds Youtube video to an event with 300 guests – remember, the audiences can only capture what touched their hearts.

[1] Visual Content You Need to Use in your Marketing Campaign | Neil Patel


3. Let’s get Digital

The 4.0 wave has come and there is no better time to focus on the Digital Marketing. When almost everything in your life is revolving around technology, you should consider on redesigning your Marketing Plan and upgrade it to a whole new level.

Marketing Digital Social Media
It is time to upgrade your Digital Marketing plan | Pixabay

Internet has made the world flat. It is an advantage yet also a challenge when your messages have to get through many different platforms to touch the audiences – and when we said that, it is actually like night and day.
If you are expecting that your engagement rate on Youtube will be as high as on Facebook, and assume that your customers like to watch their email inbox popping like Twitter notifications, you are dead wrong. Analyse carefully the target audience that each communication channel is aiming at and its essence, then you will be able to make a proper and effective decision afterward.

P/s: Consider to change your mobile web design NOW. Literally. It’s driving us crazy.


4. Join the Community. Be the Community

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

It is a motto that no longer extraneous to everyone. Of course, in the world of Marketing, things are a little different. Like the famous 5C framework[2] that describes your customer “path to purchase”, your goal doesn’t stop at signing the contract. You will want to earn your client’s trust and loyalty, and even better, let them guide you to your next client.

Marketing community discussion
Let the community be your brand embassador | Helena Lopes

The best way make it works is to let the community acknowledge your brand and earning a reputation. It may start at becoming an active member in a photography forum, or be the initiator of a local photographers’ group. Further than that, build and maintain your own group for client-only, nourish them with positive and helpful knowledge. Let the community be your brand embassador: they will help you spread your wings, even if you think you can’t fly.

[2] 5C framework is a marketing strategy that is initiative by Unilever that stands for 5 elements that a marketer should make effort at: Customer, Connect, Content, Commerce and Community.


5. Money-Wisely

Finally, don’t be a wanderer in the creative world of Marketing – it may make you forgot the reason why you started your journey: Business Development. Keep your budget balanced and invest in marketing wisely. If you cannot build a good content, or define your potential client yet, then hastily paying tons of money for ad campaigns on Google or Facebook won’t lead you to nowhere. Take step by step – small but steady – and have the right measure tools to make sure that you’re putting your eggs in the right basket.

Marketing Digital Analytic on Laptop screen
Make sure you are putting your money in the ‘right’ basket | Unsplash

Beside, to do marketing effectively is to turn ignorance to attention (once again, the right kind of attention), and attention to action. Don’t be too hard on yourself that you have to build something that standout. Sometimes, it’s not what your clients want. Sometimes they just want little, beneficial things. And sometimes, they want to know you and you only. So don’t force yourself to be creative all the time, you cannot do that. Over-creative creates chaos and a chaotic brand sells nothing. So, be creative, but always keep in mind: it’s a creativity with boundaries – it grows with your business’s products, messages and philosophy.


Alexis Tran

Digital Marketing Executive | Revina

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