Giang Ma: “Revina gave me more than just work experiences”

Since February 2019, Giang (21) has been part of the Revina Photo Editing team. He was born and raised in the mountainous region of Northern Vietnam, known for its secluded villages, where he belongs to an ethnic minority, called the Tày.

Due to their vulnerable socio-economic situation and inability to pay for university education, his parents expected Giang to join the Vietnamese military school, which is free-of-charge and promises a stable career.

To please his parents, he applied to the military school, although he had no interest in the army and always knew that he had a passion for colours and the arts.

However, due to a collarbone injury, his physical condition was insufficient to enter the army; uncertain about his future at only 18, he found himself in a difficult situation.


His life took a major turn as he found out about REACH and the IT courses they provide. After successfully graduating from the course, he struggled finding a job, due to his lack of experience and very young age.

After his job search, he found work in a company, which unfortunately turned out to be draining and leaving him no time for his personal life after his 7 am to 11 pm shifts. Being reduced to performance targets and numbers, his quality of life was compromised and he decided to quit his job.

Luckily, one of his former REACH teachers, called Ánh Nguyệt, heard about his situation and encouraged him in February 2019 to join Revina Photo Editing team.

He finally has found a placement where his life is not attached to his job and by working in a friendly and enthusiastic environment, he had the chance to develop his soft skills and finally feels recognized for who he is, instead of being reduced to numbers.


So, what are his plans and desires for the future? One day, Giang wants to open his own Photo Editing business; but until then, he wants to learn more about editing and become a better self by working at Revina.


Story by: Chloe Giampellegrini

About Alexis Tran

Alexis Tran is currently working as a Digital Marketing Executive at Revina. She loves writing, reading books and hopes to use her words to create magic.