Daisy Do: “At Revina, clients are our precious friends”

The conversation between Revina Prism and Daisy took place on a sunny afternoon with a lively atmosphere, when Revina’s 1st Year Anniversary is getting near. Sitting opposite to us, the woman – was somewhat weighty with a pregnant belly, but her eyes never stopped being vital – slowly shared her journey as a Customer Success Manager throughout the last year. A journey is full of emotions with challenges, success and great expectations in the next path ahead.

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Hi Daisy, your name might be quite familiar to any friend or supporter of Revina. But in this first official conversation, can you give us a quick introduction about yourself?


Hi Alexis, hi everyone! Thank you very much for inviting me to the interview today. My name is Yen Do – nicknamed Daisy. I am currently the manager of Customer Success Operation in Revina, or shortly called CSO.

Daisy Do: At Revina, clients are our precious friends
Meet Daisy, our friendly big sister of the Customer Success Operation | Source: Revina.CO

Our main mission can be described as the work of ‘liaison officers’ – ensuring the communication flow between customers, production team and other departments goes effectively. A dedicated CSO member is always willing to listen to any request or concern from the clients so that our business can achieve the ultimate goal.

Whenever I am out of work, I would like to travel (that was before I get married!). I also enjoy sports activities and books. As an introvert, you may find me quite shy for the first time we meet. But I believe that once I feel comfortable with someone, I will be very enthusiastic (laugh).

Daisy Do: At Revina, clients are our precious friends
Daisy is always a ‘friend indeed’ | Owned Image

The First Steps 

It is known that you are one of the first members of the Revina family, can you share which reason led you to this opportunity?


I joined in Revina on July 14, 2018 – only 3 days after the company was founded, so I am often called ‘The elder of Revina’ (laugh).

In fact, before I actually acknowledged of this opportunity, I have read about REACH Vietnam and their meaningful mission. At that time, I was going through an unstable stage of life – a process of rediscovering what I want my career to be. 

Daisy Do: At Revina, clients are our precious friends
“I am in a journey of rediscovering what I want my career to be.” | Owned Image

For a long time, I have always wondered: Whether there is a workplace for each individual to be free to actively contribute, instead of just following orders from higher levels? Is there any place that can help me grow and become a dynamic, positive new version of myself?

The concept of a social enterprise was quite new for me at that point, but its goal of creating positive values ​​to the community is what I have always cherished ever. So when I received a job offer in Revina, I did not hesitate to accept it!


At the first term of a startup, you always have to face many difficulties. What was the most memorable moment you had during that early period?

Honestly, when starting as a Revina staff, I haven’t had any experience in this field. So as a result, there are quite a number of challenges that I have to face: First time working at a technology startup, being the only female in our core team…

Recalling the time when the company was founded, everything was brand new to us. I had to adapt to an extraneous industry, learn how to ​​arrange the new office, prepare for almost anything before the company went into operation. It wasn’t easy, but I was not alone either. There are many friends and teammates who always willing to support me every time I need. Thanks to that, I was able to master the job after only 2 months.

Daisy Do: At Revina, clients are our precious friends
“Friends and teammates are always willing to support me every time I need” | Owned Image

Memorable moments? Must say I have a lot! Most of them are related to working with our clients. I will not tell you the details here, but that was the first time I have successfully handled a difficult situation – when I had to overcome the language barrier and cultural conflicts to understand and solve client’s request.

As you said, there will always be a challenge ahead – especially when the company’s resources are limited – but instead of backing down, they became motivations for me and my Customer Success team to try harder. Handling a difficult situation is the same as when you try to conquer a high peak. And once you have achieved success, there is no better feeling!


Looking back after one year, Revina has attained great achievements. What do you think about your journey so far?

A year has passed quickly and there are many changes have happened in Revina. We have grown stronger, become more professional, and welcomed more talented faces to join the big family.

For me, the first year of Revina is like a piece of music with many highs and lows. In that time, we have achieved significant success, and of course, also receive valuable lessons.

Daisy Do: At Revina, clients are our precious friends
“Our 1st year is a piece of music with many highs and lows.” | Revina.CO

As someone who has the opportunity to witness all these changes, I realized that to work and grow together as a team is not an easy task at all. We have to commune, understand and support each other – because no one is perfect. And only then will we be successful, just like the quote: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. I totally believe in that statement.

In Someone’s Shoes

Being “The Face of Revina” must be interesting. So why did you choose to involve in this career – Customer Service?

To be honest I did not choose the job. It actually chose me! (laugh)

When I first came to Revina, I myself could not foresee how the job of a Customer Success staff would be like. Only from my observations that I feel the job is suitable for me because I see myself as a caring person. When it comes to working, it can be affirmed that supporting and connecting people is an extremely interesting experience!

Daisy Do: At Revina, clients are our precious friends
“Supporting and connecting people is an extremely interesting experience.” | Owned Image

Fortunately for me, Revina’s clients are really nice. Although most of them come from developed countries – places where the hospitality industry is very competitive – but they all appreciate the support of Revina team.

Furthermore, they do not hesitate to share their knowledge and experience, so that we can improve the quality of products and services. For me, clients are not just clients, they are also our precious friends and partners. If you stand from that perspective, communicating with them becomes much easier. Consequently, all pressure – which is normally inevitable in the industry – is gone!


Do you have any work motto or philosophy that you would like? How did that help you in your work?

Definitely yes. With our industry, there is a famous quote saying: “Put Yourself in Someone Else’s Shoes”. As a CSO staff, we need to know how to put ourselves in the position of our clients, to balance skillfully between the interests of the clients and the benefits of our company.

If you compromise with just basic, simple tasks, then you will work as a communicator, and nothing more. But if you want to be an effective employee, you will need to have industrial thinking. Realize the emotion of your clients through a few lines of the email, seizing the opportunity to support them in a timely manner and convey their requests in the most clever way to the production team. When you are able to do that, you will achieve the results you want!



Respect the differences

As the Customer Success Manager, how do you balance the goal of embracing different characters (as a social enterprise) and maximizing benefits for your business?

This question is quite difficult, and I don’t think I am a manager who can balance this well (laugh).

Among Revina’s core values, there is an extremely important principle – “Respecting the differences”. As a social enterprise that brings job opportunities for disadvantaged young Vietnamese, we are operated as a flat organization. Therefore, instead of forcing all members to follow a certain standardized pattern, we always welcome different opinions and personalities, while heading towards equality and respect for all of our staff. 

Daisy Do: At Revina, clients are our precious friends
At Revina, we respect the differences | Revina.CO

And within our Customer Success Operation, I try to do the same. The members of our team have a variety of backgrounds and personalities, so the way each person interacts and handles the job is also different. It shows off their personalities and creativity, and I appreciate it.

In particular recruitment or training, I would appreciate those who have a positive attitude. For the rest of the work, I let them be themselves and actively communicate with clients in the way they feel comfortable. 


Last question: Your maternity rest is getting near. What would be the thing you remember the most at Revina?

Hmm … I would say it is the diverse personalities of Revina!

I will definitely miss our boss Henry with funny nickname Jaian, our beautiful sister Selena who easily got bad temper (laugh). It would be Mai, the lovely accountant who never stops speaking and laughing, the golden couple ‘Banana and Green Beans’, the little brother Bao with a special talent in sports. And there are many more faces I will miss, like Bác Bob, willowy Quy, Giang Ma or gentle Cadie …  that I cannot be able to list them all here.

Daisy Do: At Revina, clients are our precious friends
A group shot of Revina & REACH Staff at our 1st anniversary – Exposure | Revina.CO

I feel bad for not being able to stand side by side with everyone at Revina in the first phase of the second year – a promising year of development. But I promise to always watch and support Revina during that time. Hopefully, when the leave is over, I can return and catch up with everyone here as soon as possible. See you later, Revina!


Thank you for this conversation, we hope you will have a joyful baby break. Best wishes to you, Daisy! 


 Alexis Tran

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