Benefits of having Real Estate Video in your listing

There is no denying that video is one of the most powerful tools in the digital world. Ideal engagement rates or potential ROI ratio is the true proof for this assert. In this article, let’s discover all of the amazing advantages that videos can bring to the Real Estate industry.


Professional Approved

Videos are getting more and more popular in Real Estate these days. But still, there are many photographers hesitate to use this type of content, because it requires more investment: both in finance and effort.

Real Estate Video 2
Making videos require a lot of effort | Jakob Owens (Unsplash)

Our honest words? Invest in what is worth it. A complete, attractive video can bring a good impression on the potential clients. And it can speak a lot more things than just the house itself. It shows that you pay attention to your work and you wouldn’t mind investing in it. Altogether, it establishes authority for your brand. Besides that, stunning visual, proper camera angles and finest background music are all important elements which affect directly on your clients’ experience and perspectives about your property. Probably wondering? Creating stunning videos with less effort is not impossible. Take a look at our Video Post-Production service here.


Making it “Real”

Unlike photos which can be edited easily and sometimes differ from the reality, Real Estate Videos are much more reliable from a client’s perspective (maybe that is why people called this industry *real* estate?). With videos, you can enhance the stand out elements – a special feature like jacuzzi, or the beautiful garden – but cannot transform it completely.

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Video can enhance elements, but cannot change the reality | Vita Vilcina (Unsplash)

Clients can ensure that the images they are looking on the screen are the most genuine description of the property. More than that, watching constant flowing footage in videos shows clients true experience of what it would be like to live in the house.


Time Efficient

In this industry, timing is literally gold. Back in the old days, photographs were used as clues to provide a general description of the house, and the clients can only give their feedback when they arrived at the ‘walk-through’ inspection.

But now with videos, the workflow is much more improved. With a video less than five minutes, viewers are able to capture all necessary details, the current condition of the property, understand accurate room size and easily compare with their personal requirements. Clients can make their decisions more quickly, the appointment will be a lot more straightforward and prosperous, and as a result, time-saving for both side.

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With videos, the appointment will be a lot more straightforward and prosperous | Toa Heftiba (Unsplash)


Social Media Friendly

Did you know videos generate more than 1200% social shares than text and image posts? Informative, time efficient and effective – they are making a revolution on the digital platforms. Nourishing a video series help you make an impression to the potential client, create social network engagement, drive web traffic and what is better: directly increase sales.

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Videos create social network engagement | Sara Kurfess (Unsplash)


Where should you start?

There are four main types of real estate video that you should pay attention to:

  • Listing Videos: Classic type. Listing is a walk-through video that shows all the essential details of the property. Prefers smooth footage, wide shots, ‘slides and glides’.
Benefits of having Real Estate Videos in your listing - Revina.CO 6
Put your best effort in RE listing videos | Jeese Roberts (Unsplash)
  • Neighborhood/Community Videos: A cinematic view of the surrounding areas and all essential utilities. Prefers drone, aerial shots.
Benefits of having Real Estate Videos in your listing - Revina.CO 7
Community video is the outstanding element | Chuttersnap (Unsplash)
  • Staff Introduction Videos: Highlights your portfolio, staff experience, and industrial strengths. They directly promote your personal / company brand.
Benefits of having Real Estate Videos in your listing - Revina.CO
Let your clients get to know you and your team | Brooke Cagle (Unsplash)
  • Informative Videos: Useful tips and knowledge about the real estate market, cutting edge technical skills and new marketing solutions.
Benefits of having Real Estate Videos in your listing - Revina.CO 9
Providing helpful information is a great way to build connections | Matthew Guay (Unsplash)


Where should you post it?

  • Youtube: As the largest video platform on the Internet, Youtube is a great place to share your videos to the rest of the world (which included your potential clients!). Don’t forget to pay attention to:
    • Keywords in your video titles/description, make them simple and on point
    • Impressive intro & thumbnail
    • Ending screen with *your* related videos


  • Vimeo: Partly similar to Youtube, Vimeo is a video-sharing website for professionals who want to showcase their works. For this reason, the Vimeo community is much more intimated and engaged, and you will have the chance to receive a lot of constructive criticisms to improve your work next time. Expand your connections is also convenient on Vimeo. Plus, they are free of advertisement!


  • Instagram: Although this platform has less feature than the other two, it brings engagement between you and your followers. Instagram Videos have short duration which can easily attract viewers, and keep their attention to the end of the videos. Moreover, an Instagram Video doesn’t require a lot of editing techniques, so you can save a lot of time. It is also a great way to get to know your customer insights.  


  • Houzz: A professional community for people working in Architecture and Real Estate only. It operates like a showcase of all your work so make sure to post the products that you are contented with and pay attention to the smallest details. Using your Houzz profile as a portfolio is a great idea, especially if you haven’t launched your own website yet.

Benefits of having Real Estate Videos in your listing - Revina.CO 10



Real Estate relies heavily on visual motivators so there is no better way to show off the virtues of a home than through video. It requires professional investment than traditional photos, but no one can deny the outstanding advantages it brings to you and your work.

Out of time? Check out our infographic for this article here, plus free download!


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