At Revina, People is our most valuable asset and advantage.
We celebrate any tiny positive achievement, reevaluate and learn from any failure as an individual.

“Make sure everybody in the company has great opportunities, has a meaningful impact and is contributing to the good of society.”








We're proud to have a team of advisors and experts who are working with Revina to make sure we are on the right track towards our social vision.

Did we just become best friends?

Tam Pham

Co-founder/CEO, Reach center
Did we just become best friends?

Dung Doan

COO, Reach Center
Did we just become best friends?

Dung Nguyen

Plan International
Did we just become best friends?

bác Bob

Biz Incubation Australia
You make our day enlightened.


Our partner/supporter


Our staffs are all our body parts. Without them, we don't exist, or are meant to exist ;)

Nonconformist. Impact Entrepreneur. Husband and father.

Henry Le

Martial master. Doesn't even hurt an ant.

Daisy Do

CSO/Admin Team Player
A petite woman with a Big heart.

Selena Tran

Production Manager
A typical nice guy doing IT stuffs.

Hung Dinh

IT Specialist
The most dynamic girl in the team!

Mai Do

Accounting/Admin Team Player
Everyone has to flatter me!

Dinh Nguyen

Accounting Team Player
A smiley girl wanted to support the school she has graduated from.

Y Khuat

CGI Team Player
An architect who embraces a free life.

Dung Nguyen

CGI Team Player
Newest member in Revina!

Quan Nguyen

2D Team Player
Fresh new guy from Reach!

Hai Nguyen

2D Team Player
A quiet girl... She hasn't given me any quote to share here!

Mai Ngo

2D Team Player
The youngest staff at Revina!

Cuong Bui

2D Team Player
A quiet girl wanted to live an exciting life.

Anh Nguyen

2D Apprentice
He is just here for a few days

Huynh Duong

2D Team Player
An aesthetic girl living in the world of Marketing

Alexis Tran

Digital Marketing Executive
The most fit dude in the company!

Bao Doan

Video Team Player
An optimist, talkative and supportive human being

Valerie Nguyen

Project Assistant
The tallest guy in the office!

Abraham Nguyen

CSO Team Player

We are a team of who simply just wants to build our own version of "Utopia"

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