Revina is the leading choice of Real Estate Photographers and Designers for
a full-package, quality-centric, and customer-oriented graphic & IT solution worldwide.

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Images processed

We pride our quality services that are delivered by our top-notch, highly experienced photo-editing team.


Lines of code

We are fast building capacity to support our services and the growth of our business partners with a suite of coding solutions.


Hours of Video processed

Our experienced video team can seamlessly integrate video to add something new to your real estate business.


Cups of coffee

Coffee is definitely the fuel for our persistence and creativity! It helps us to deliver global services 24/7.


We're a Digital Agency providing supportive service solutions for real estate photographers and designers.

"I couldn't have asked for more than this. Revina.CO is the best solution you can have for your small business."

Jason, CEO & Founder, Jason Photography

Great customer support ever!

Daniel, CEO & Founder, Daniel Photography


Our graphic services address all aspects of design work
from photo post-production to computer-generated imagery (CGI).

how it works: STEP 01

You fill out the trial form or have a chat with our Customer Success team. We are with you all the time you need!

STEP 02: Upload and Receive trial order

Our Customer Success team will guide you through the setting up process (FTP file transfer, project SLA/instruction). After that, the free trial order is ready to go into our processing line. (No credit card is required during this stage). Finally, you receive your completed trial order!

STEP 03: Sign partnership contract

You complete some systematic works with our Customer Success team and become one of our esteemed partners!

STEP 04: Onboarding

Onboarding: now you will have our IT team, Graphic team, and of course Customer Success Team to support you and make sure your initial onboarding phase is as smooth as possible.

STEP 05: Engagement

Our Customer Success team is always available to have a talk with you, 24/6. Feel free to discuss any idea/problem with us.

Beside, our payment policy is indeed flexible. You can apply for pre-paid (pay-as -you-go) option or post-paid option (if you have a large work volume)


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Revina.CO is not just an ordinary for-profit business. We are a
social business striving to positively impact our
local community.

Since 2004, REACH (, a Vietnam-based NGO, has been providing vocational and soft skill training to over 1,500 disadvantaged youth annually. Each year over 80% of its 1,200 graduates are placed into sustainable employment.

Revina.CO (REVINA TECHNOLOGY JSC) was initiated by REACH and like-minded social entrepreneurs to better prepare students in new technologies and to assist REACH to develop the long-term financial capacity to deliver its much needed social activities.

We are a social enterprise specializing in graphic design and ICT service. It brings together the core team of experienced social entrepreneurs, social workers, and professional designers. Our highly skilled and creative team is actively delivering services ranging from 2D designing to VR post-production. At the same time, we ensure that our partners/ beneficiaries are enjoying the best working benefits through our friendly spirit and engaging work culture.

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